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Derrick is a boutique advertising agency driven by strategy that starts with sustainability. And, much like the type of specialised maritime crane that gives us our name, we work hard to find the very best creative solutions that lift us all to greater heights. We evaluate all our work in future terms: does what we’re proposing make good sense now and well into the future?

We run our business on the principles of the Triple Bottom Line (ensuring profit doesn’t come at the expense of people or our planet) so our creative approach does not begin with sales-at-all-costs. We work intimately with our clients to ensure our solutions fit culturally; that they are relevant, original and impactful; but importantly, that they do so without passing any costs onto society or the environment.

Lift Up. UpLift

We care about the ramifications of our work, both culturally and environmentally. We consider where materials we use are sourced and how they’ll get disposed of. We try to offset as much of our carbon consumption as we can. We reuse, reduce and recycle. And, whenever possible, we develop the ideas and campaigns that create jobs and enrich communities.

Our responsibility is to strive to always do good while we’re doing good work. To uplift as we lift up.

Meet Our Core Team

Myles Hoppe

Managing Director

Myles has been an art director, run a DTP studio, launched an electric vehicle, handled the advertising accounts of numerous blue chip South African companies and managed the interests of global brands in Africa.

Livio Tronchin

Strategic Director

Livio graduated with an Information Systems degree, distinguished himself in marketing strategy, rose through the ranks of top agencies to eventually be included in the top 5 most awarded creative directors in South Africa.

Mark Stead

Creative Director

Mark received a BA in Information Design that marked the beginning of an illustrious design career, with numerous exhibitions of his personal work, hotel interiors and his fair share of local and international advertising awards.

Jorge Brunner

Digital Dev. Director

Jorge is a digital native, who was developing websites before most of the major web design companies were even born. His skill in grasping new technologies and figuring out how they can be used to benefit everyone is truly unique.

What People Say

  • “Being a young, fresh and mindful agency specialising in the green arena, Derrick has helped PETCO to build a strong brand – creatively and innovatively. They’re great!„

    Cheri Scholtz, CEO at PETCO

  • “Derrick is great creative agency, I will continue to support and recommend you guys wherever I can!„

    Roger Thomas, Managing Director at PETR-CONS

  • “I only work on purpose driven causes. For me, it is essential to work with a creative team that are authentic and believe in what they do.„

    Tamsin Jones, Director at Africa Strategy Advisory

  • “The Derrick team has worked tirelessly to understand our business, building a close relationship with not only the marketing department but with different personnel within the business. As a result Derrick has become part of the Hansgrohe family.„

    Sinovuyo Dumalisile, Marketing Director at Hansgrohe Africa

  • “So many companies have incorporated sustainability in their promotions, but for the wrong reasons: To be trendy. Thanks for doing it for the right reasons!„

    Marike Smit

  • “Derrick’s unique brand of creativity, drive and passion is hard to come by. I have no doubt that it was in large part due to their insight into the WWF-SASSI brand that we saw an 80% increase in traction amongst our target audience in the time we were working with them.„

    Janine Basson, Program Director of the WWF Sustainable Seafood Initiative

  • “We have commissioned Derrick some 5 years ago to rebrand our business and design and develop internet based data management systems for our business. We have never looked back, and ever since, Derrick has been able to assist us with all of our rather diverse marketing needs.  Their creativity, quality and prompt service has always exceeded our expectations and it is a pleasure (if not fun) doing business with them.„

    Dag Willems, Managing Director at Trees SA

  • “Derrick’s work on the City of Cape Town’s electricity campaign over a 3-year period was absolutely outstanding. They brought deep insight and commitment to the development of a PUBLIC campaign (very different to selling jeans) and worked with impressive creativity and professionalism – and they were really fun to work with, to boot! The results of the campaign were intensively measured so we were able to see the extent of the impact of their work: it was beyond expectations. I miss them :-(„

    Sarah Ward, Head Energy and Climate Change, ERMD, City of Cape Town.

  • “Cycling is a sport which attracts a core, in-the-know audience. For a brand like ours to be credible, we need to work with similarly minded partners, with a deep knowledge and passion for cycling, as well as expertise in the science and art of marketing. We've found Derrick to be such a partner and the faith we've shown in them has rewarded us with remarkable growth across our marketing platforms.„

    Neil Gardiner, SwiftCarbon Global Head of Marketing and Communications

Our capabilities

Integrated Strategy

Derrick is media neutral. We first understand a problem’s complexities, and then assemble the combination of skills that each solution needs.

Conceptual Ideation

Creative ideas are in our DNA. Not just the most inventive, relevant and impactful ones, but the ones that can make a sustainable contribution to all.

Design Studio

Logo design to temporary architectural builds to packaging, our team designs for maximum effect while striving for zero impact to the environment.

Physical Production

We’ve made inflatable cooling towers; zero-waste architectural structures, waterproof newspapers and carbon-neutral print runs. Nothing is impossible.

Sustainability Experience

We favour ideas that make good sense now and into the future over one-offs or gimmicks for short term gain, something we've been doing since we started.

Tech Development

From an augmented reality platform that became an industry benchmark to a singing animatronic fish, we continuously push the boundaries of experiences.

Community Management

Part science, part art form, we curate and create the most evocative content for the channels we manage based on real-time analytical engagement data.

UI and UX

We code till we lose sleep and then we craft till our designs are so intuitive you could practically run them in your sleep.

Our Work


Our Clients

Since inception, we’ve wanted to work with people and clients who share our optimism
for the future and our passion for uncovering the most sustainable solutions.
Our very core is built on a fundamental decision: to not handle any business that compromises our values.
So we don’t take on projects for oil companies or arms or tobacco or gambling, among others.
This keeps us focussed and inspired to leverage the solutions we provide for our great clients to even greater heights.



Climate conscious without compromising on luxury.

Derrick handles the strategy, advertising and marketing, in-store communication, design, and oversees the entire Hansgrohe brand's touch points in the market (this includes Hansgrohe AXOR).

Hansgrohe’s water-saving ethos and hundreds of innovative technologies like EcoSmart and AirPower have turned us into their biggest adorers: we all have Hansgrohe products in our homes.


Anything else is a compromise.

Derrick works with Míele Professional helping leverage sponsorship opportunities and communicate the brand’s innovativeness, attention to detail, and environmental responsibility.


Plastic Bottles are not Trash.

Derrick provides strategic, advertising and communications design services to PETCO’s Category A objectives as well as design and social media support for its Category B projects. Having won the business in a 3-way pitch in 2010, we’ve strived to shake the perception in consumers minds that the initiative was simply for ‘tree-huggers’ in favour of sophisticated and socio-economic arguments to drive real behaviour change.

V&A Waterfront

Keep Discovering

The V&A in Cape Town Waterfront is South Africa's most popular shopping destination, with fashion stores, African art, clothing stores and souvenirs. Derrick handles advertising and promotions for its retail offering, sustainability communication, promotions and events, way-finding and signage, internal communications and initiatives and special developments on the property.


Vintage Méthode Cap Classique

The House of Krone specialises in the production of MCC Sparkling Wines. It’s a sophisticated brand that allows us to create work that’s more concerned with fashion and feeling, rather than making a logical argument for the product.

Fat Bastard

Live Large

Derrick has developed the strategic tone for Fat Bastard, a global brand produced locally under license. For us, the very magnanimity inherent in the brand was key. And so, we’ve created a social media following, activations and promotions that express this tone. We have fun here.


Robertson Winery

More to Share

Derrick developed the new strategy and positioning for Robertson Winery. It’s nestled in a truly abundant place, with striking mountaintop vineyards, acres of cool alluvial vines and some of the warmest, most generous people in wine-making today. The brand is one of the few (currently) South African accredited ethically produced wine brands.


Oranjezicht City Farm

Give Peas a Chance.

Derrick is the OZCF’s creative director. We helped establish the farm and provide design and marketing services even contributing to the layout of the farm itself.


An Exceptional Ride

SwiftCarbon is a new kind of bicycle company born from a genuine love and passion for cycling, and to make the best high-performance carbon fibre bicycles in the world, with each model at an optimum price.

They’re the choice of the discerning buyer making a well-informed purchase - not one who is led by gimmick marketing and bogus technology.

But SwiftCarbon is not just in the business of selling bikes. We aim to support and enhance a complete lifestyle around the coolest sport in the world - cycling.


World Sport

Branding and Event support for Volvo Ocean Race, International Triathlon Union and the Knysna Oyster Festival.

Trees SA

The Mature Tree Expert

Derrick provides a full list of services, (from traditional advertising and design to digital and database engineering) to TreesSA, possibly the most interesting business we’ve come across. TreesSA originally approached us with a problem: “Please design a sign that stops people confusing us with our competitor, who keeps copying us.” We overhauled their identity, redid their inventory system and website, built a custom client-interfacing app and have partnered them as they’ve grown to 5 nurseries with over 45 000 fully-grown trees in stock.

Cape Epic

The Untamed African MTB Race

The Absa Cape Epic is a gruelling 8-day mountain bike stage race through the Western Cape. It’s to mountain biking what the Tour de France is to road cycling, a race that amateurs desire to ride and pros aspire to win. Derrick is the Absa Cape Epic’s strategic partner.

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