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Greenpeace uses our cooling tower.

Long live our inflatable cooling tower! We love work that keeps on delivering, even if it’s for another organisation. The cooling tower we developed to help convince Capetonians to save electricity and reduce their dependence on our coal-generated power is now being used by Greenpeace in Scandinavia to petition against coal-fired power stations.

Derrick rolls out solar water heaters for the City of Cape Town.

South Africa faces many years of electricity supply shortage and rising prices. Using electricity more efficiently is the cheapest, quickest and most environmentally friendly way to tackle the power shortage situation.
In addition to our work with the City of Cape Town for the Electricity Saving Campaign, we’re now assisting them with implementing the Solar Water Heater Residential Accreditation Programme.

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Derrick gets POLYCO up and running.

We’ve just helped get POLYCO’s communication started. The Polyolefin Recycling Company (POLYCO) is a not-for-profit industry body formed by the polyolefin converters themselves to promote the collection and recycling of post-consumer polyolefin packaging containers. These plastics are PIC 2, 4 and 5.

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Derrick helps save the fish with MSC

When you pick up a tin of tuna, how sure are you that it’s really tuna? And when you order the linefish of the day, how sure are you that it’s really the fish they say it is? We made a short film to explain the enormously complex work done by our client, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). We collaborated with the exceptionally gifted Inka Kendzia of Meme Motion.

Derrick brings the Oakley Medusa to life

In what must be a first in all of our careers, we got away with creating this amazing and crazy activation, without a stitch of branding. Yes, unbranded. Our soprano, sitting atop a 10 m tall dress designed in a disruptive steam-punk-cum-post-apocalyptic style, welcomed riders up one of the steepest climbs of this year’s Absa Cape Epic (this is usually the job of an MC backed by cheesy dance music).

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Recycle right or make a mess: Derrick’s guide to knowing plastic.

The Polymer Identification Code (or PIC) of a plastic product is usually stamped on, or near, the bottom of the product. And it’s easy to spot; a number inside a little triangle. To first-timers, this triangle may look like a recycling symbol. But it’s not. In fact, PIC 7 (OTHER) isn’t even recyclable. Knowing which plastics are, is pivotal to efficient recycling.

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Derrick takes Oakley to the Absa Cape Epic.

We shot a documentary for Oakley while at the Absa Cape Epic this year. Each instalment was filmed, edited and uploaded daily for the 8 days of the event. This episode, entitled “The Pain” really captures what it takes to ride the race. It’s gruelling, emotionally draining and simply Beyond Reason.

Derrick runs EarthHour 2013 for the City of Cape Town and the V&A Waterfront.

We celebrated Earth Hour 2013 with a few of our clients and partners this year: the V&A Waterfront, the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, Consol Glass and the City of Cape Town. We started the day by building an installation of Consol Solar Jars. These took the form of the SAVE Electricity icon and volunteers were on hand to explain how solar power saves electricity, the link to Earth Hour and of the activity being held at the V&A Waterfront in the evening.

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Derrick launches campaign for Trek Bikes in South Africa.

We’re happy to announce that Derrick is handling the advertising and in-store design services to promote the Trek brand in South Africa. The fact that we all ride or race bikes in some way or other, we’re the first to vouch for the bicycle as the best transportation method ever invented.

Derrick wins Silver Loerie for COP17 work.

Our work for the Climate Change Coalition’s Climate Smart Cape Town campaign saw us organising protest marches, creating the active messaging for Capetonians, taking Cape Town to COP17, and winning a Silver Loerie. We had the privilege of collaborating with Stephen Lamb and Andre Rademeyer of ST&AR Architects on the project.

Derrick creates a Save Electricity icon for worldwide use.

There are many icons today that remind us to live sustainably. From saving water to recycling plastic. But one that serves to keep the saving of electricity top of mind is glaringly absent. We designed this logo to serve as the anchor for Cape Town’s electricity saving campaign. But it’s so relevant to consumers everywhere, that we licensed it through Creative Commons, making it available for all to use.

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